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Building Project

Ground Floor Design

Light House visual GF lo 15Feb21.jpeg
Light House visual FF lo 15Feb21.jpeg

First Floor Design

Keys handover lo 31Aug18.jpg

After a long search we were delighted in 2018 to secure purchase of a building at the edge of Kilkenny city centre.  The Community Centre will be required to meet latest building standards, which will include renovation to create a versatile, accessible, safe and comfortable building.  

Phase One:  60k (Completed)

  • Asbestos roof removed by specialists.

  • New slate roof & skylights.

  • Refurbishment and complete rewiring of upstairs offices to rent, including new toilet and tea station.

Phase Two:  65k (In Process)

Light House model Coach Rd2 hi 2May22.jpeg
  • Preparations underway for wider entrance and new corridor connection from Coach Road.

  • Detailed design drawings almost complete for extension and refurishment of community centre.

  • Detailed cost estimates prepared.

Phase Three:  800k (Final Stage of Renovation)

Light House cafe space1 med 21May22.jpeg
  • Approximately 2/3 of the building has planning permission to be developed as a Community Centre.

  • Major building works needed to be undertaken to improve facilities, provide disability access, and meet modern building standards including fire safety.

  • An upstairs extension is planned at the car park side, with a lift.

  • The interior needs to be completely refurbished, including rewiring, new heating system, new insulation, and new finishes. 

Some big budget items:
​  *building works.            275,00k
  *heating, etc.                 110,000k
  *electrical, fire safety   120,000k
  *lift & lift shaft                70k 
  *toilets fit-out.                16k
  *kitchen                           15,000k
  *internal joinery             30,000k
  *coffee bar                      25,000k
  *double-glazed              30k
  *heating system            25k
  *cafe space.                     10k
  *interior/exterior paint  16,000k

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