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The Rock is all about Jesus and His love for this generation.  The value system that many young people live with today leaves them feeling overwhelmed, ugly, not good enough, depressed, and even for some, suicidal.  We believe Jesus has something better.  The vision of The Rock is simple:

REACH young people.
BUILD a sense of family.
STRENGTHEN the community.

We do this through our drop-in centre and hosting events.  And some of the results have been:


  •  Teens growing into taking responsiblity to run our drop-in centre and events.

  • Teens growing through deeper mentoring in our internship programs.

  • A safe place for young people to hang out.

  • A place where Christian teens can not only meet up, but bring there non-Christian friends to experience and hear the message of God's redeeming love.

To keep current on what is going on with The Rock, and our schedule, follow us on Facebook and Instagram (links are at the bottom of the page).

To contact Youth Worker:

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